FUCK YOU Chief U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton

I live in an absurd world. I can buy a liter of water imported from a spring in France called Evian which is in a perfectly clear plastic bottle that amazing technology created after thousands of experiments…trial and error…chemicals created over a hundred years of testing so that I can have this perfect water half way around the world in a perfect clear container (that I will not recycle but simply toss away) and it also has a peel on label with the mineral composition and even some pictures of the some fake looking mountains (assuming the French alps) and the whole thing costs 1 fucking dollar!

There are millions of people in the world that will die tomorrow for lack of clean drinking water where they live and I am drinking imported water from around the world in a plastic bottle for $1

Is my life great or what? Is my life too good? I am I missing out on actually living because I have it too easy? Perhaps if I faced death now and then I might have a totally different outlook on life? Perhaps I would feel more alive…

I will never know because I am stuck in a certain “reality” which is unique to me. Everyone is…it’s like being in Disney World. Do you live in Disney World or the real world?