Time For New Glasses!

September 3, 2016 observations, reality check, thoughts

So I am wearing old glasses and I tried to remove the anti reflective coating which has started to come off the lens and make things blurry so I remove it BUT I make little micro-scratches all over the lens and so it’s looking like I am looking through frosted glass…the image is unclear and slightly more difficult to see. At first…and then little by little…day by day…my eyes become accustomed to the image and it becomes “normal”…I totally forget what the original clear image looks like.

Our “glasses”…viewpoint…perspective get “dirtier” and more distorted year after year and the image becomes more distorted and yet “real” until it has become something totally different. While it seems “normal” we forget what it was like to see and experience the world through new glasses…eyes…viewpoint.

Once all those layers are stripped away and we have new lenses everything seems so sharp, infocus, colorful and new. BUT that’s the way it ALWAYS WAS…we just stopped seeing it that way because of all the “things” that get in the way of the view (the rat race, consumer environment, commercial bombardment, the police state/government spying on us) we no longer can see that life is a wonderful and extraordinary thing that we possess and are a part of!

We need to cleanse the dirty lenses to show and see the truth.