I was born in the mid-west of the United States so technically I am considered “labelled” American by birth – BUT – I am a citizen of the world by nature and therefore rights. I have lived for years out of the United States for years at a time and loved every moment. Early I realized the impact that computers and digital tech would have on the world and have worked as a web/graphic designer since 1995. It worked out well since I am drawn to travel and the internet allowed me to travel virtually between my actual physical trips. It also gave me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world…I am in the USA at the moment but my partner and I are planning our next long term move to Europe in 2020. Stay tuned for more info as the time grows closer.

I enjoy freshwater tropical fish with a particular interest in Amazonian species. Travel is also a passion and I have visited 25 different countries so far, even living long term in several of them (the last adventure was 6 years in Buenos Aires Argentina). As I said, I consider myself a citizen of the world and I see that borders are just lines on a piece of paper we call a map and are only a concept in our minds and not everyone shares the same viewpoint. I find the whole nationalism thing to be for small minded people who prefer simplistic black and white thinking and who are not really capable to thinking for themselves. They need to latch onto and identify with some group to make up for deficiencies within themselves. They need to define themselves by the groups they voluntarily belong to such as a country, a religion, or even what they do for a living. How limiting is it to put yourself in a box. Since most people lack the intelligence to think for themselves this behavior is understandable…I am just glad I am not one of them.

I don’t have a Facebook page, I never felt the need for one as I have my own website and have had long before Facebook existed and I will still have it long after Facebook is gone! If you can remember my name you can always email me but you probably already know that since you are on my site right now! I also value my privacy while Facebook does not (they have been profiling you and selling your information for years as you now know), nor do I have the need to post every mundane detail of my daily life that others seem so inclined to assume others are interested in. For the record, no one gives a fuck what you had for lunch unless you had some amazing local delicacy in some exotic foreign country. If not then shut the fuck up.

Although I work with the internet daily I never got into the whole social media craze…probably just because I am online all day working (and quite frankly I can’t stand 98% of you and that is a conservative estimate)! Not only that but I have seen the evolution and change of the internet from an open system used for exploration, personal growth, individual expression, and freedom reduced to simple commerce and now government propaganda and surveillance. Quite the opposite of the original intent. How sad that the government is so evil and corrupt that they need to spy on their own people to control them. And using the two party system to keep the populace under control is classic…so simple. Wake up idiots. Maybe finally read 1984 so you will have a clue about what is happening right in front of you.

I am militant atheist and in case you are unclear what that means let me clear it up. I will not respect your religion. I will openly ridicule it and point out the stupidity. I am not particular about what religion it is…they are all nonsense and only for those with the simplistic mind of a child. The world is an amazing complex place and our extraordinary evolution to where we are is remarkable. Understanding the complexes of science is not for everyone certainly as most are not intelligent enough to ever grasp the most basic concepts such as the immense periods of time required for the gradual adaptive changes which is essential for understanding evolution. Their desire to remain ignorant of science is also somewhat understandable as the fear of death and the denial of your mortality makes religion seem like a comforting alternative. That however, doesn’t mean it is real and I assure you it is not. When you die you cease to exist – you are dead. The illusion that you thought of as “you” is gone as soon as your brain is dead (about 3 minutes after your heart stops), there never was any “you” to go anywhere. You never existed in the first place.

Lee Chapman Exploring the Iguazú Falls are waterfalls of the Iguazu River on the border of the Argentina and Brazil. They make up the largest waterfall system in the world.

Lee Chapman Exploring the Iguazú Falls

My personal website and a single email address are all I need because if I really care for you to contact me you would have my number already! I recently (July 2019) celebrated 22 years with my partner – Nestor. I have a close circle of friends and I am very “old school” in that I have actual friends and do not use the term lightly, because it really means something to me and is not just a number. I do NOT find that the number of “friends” is important, as it seems that these days the larger the number the more superficial those so-called friendships actually are. Clearly quantity is more important than quality to modern humans. Sometimes less really is more. 🙂

Lee Chapman